Dynamic Luminaire for office building lounge.

This installation is the luminous centerpiece of the skybar at Queen Eufemias street 8 in the Oslo financial district. The eight meter long luminaire gives ambience to what is both a cafeteria and an event space.

The view of the Oslo fjord and some of Norway's most ambitious projects - the Opera and the Edward Munch museum - frame the piece, which is visible from several key locations in the city.

DEG8 Fyr Braathen 2021 003
DEG8 Fyr Braathen 2021 001
DEG8 Fyr Braathen 2021 010

consist of a steel grid carrying 108 vertical fixtures of borosilicate fluted glass and warm LEDs, a 3D raster that allows for custom spacial animations.

DEG8 Fyr Braathen 2021 006

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